The Team

Emmaline Kent

Agency Director
My name is Emmaline Kent and I am a Marketing Communications student in my final semester at Husson. This is my third semester in the Agency and my second time being the Agency Director. I am looking forward to the networking opportunities offered this Spring and the chance to strengthen my interpersonal skills before graduating in May! Over the summer, I interned with Waterfront Concerts which solidified my interest in social media management and graphic design. I’m excited to see how I can continue to expand upon these skills in the Agency setting, as well.

Camden Schweitzer

Account Executive, Art Director
Hello! I am a junior majoring in Graphic/Visual Design, and also getting certificates in Marketing Communications and User Experience Design. With my studies, I have also developed skills in advertising, photography, video production, and social media. I also play on the women’s volleyball team at Husson. I was born and raised in Massachusetts, and I love traveling, working out, and crocheting. I am very excited to collaborate with my amazing team and clients this semester!

Carly Pettengill

Account Executive, Art Director
Hi! I’m Carly Pettengill and I am a senior in Graphic Visual Design. I have my associates in digital graphic design, and I’m continuing my education in hopes to get my bachelors. I enjoy helping brands find their voices and help them get off the ground. A fun fact about me is that I danced competitively for over 10 years, and I still dance to this day! I love learning about different marketing tactics and how different businesses work. I’m excited for this opportunity!

Emma Bufalino

Market Researcher
My name is Emma Bufalino and I am a senior in Graphic/Visual Design. This is my first semester in the agency and I am excited to learn more about working in a creative group. I really enjoy helping companies reach their goals and audience. A fun fact about me is that I am from Oregon. I know super far away! I plan to move back to Oregon after I graduate but Maine will always have a specific place in my heart.

Joey Koenig

Creative Director, Content Creator
Hi 👋 Im Joey Koenig and I’m a Marketing communications Major finishing up my final semester here at Husson. This is my Fourth time in the Agency, learning about every client we meet! I love to learn, which has made me pursue photography, graphic design, Web media, and analytics. I would like to push for new and innovative ideas for clients to help build my portfolio of ambitious and consistent materials.

Leeza Doorenbos

Digital Producer, Content Creator
My name is Leeza Doorenbos and I am a senior in the Marketing Communications program. This is my first semester at the Agency and I look forward to this new experience. I have taken courses such as marketing strategies, film, photography and professional communications. Skills I would like to grow through the agency include content creating, marketing research, and customer relationship building. A fun fact about me is I was adopted from Russia when I was 2 years old.
Nathaniel Bailey

Madison Phillips

Account Executive, Social Media Strategist
Hi my name is Maddy and I am a senior majoring in the Graphic/Visual design program. I am also getting certificates in photography and user experience design. I am also on the Cheer Team at Husson. I am from Sabattus Maine, and a fun fact about me is that I can paddleboard, kind of, and I have my own paddleboard! I’m clumsy and I fall off frequently, but I can do it! I look forward to collaborating and working with the others in the Agency this semester!

Natasha Clement

Visual Designer
Hello, my name is Natasha Clement. I am a senior in the Graphic/Visual Design program, and I am also working on getting a certificate in 3D Modeling and Motion Graphics. I also have an Associates in Digital Graphic Design. This is my first time working in the agency and I am super excited to learn and grow my professional skills. A fun fact about myself is that I love reading and being creative whether it is with art or a craft I am doing.

Piper Ladd

Account Associate, Content Writer
Hello! My name is Piper Ladd. I’m from Burlington Massachusetts. I’m a senior in the Marketing Communications program while also getting certificates in Photography, and Video Production. I enjoy social media and digital marketing and am looking to include photography work into my career as well.

Samantha Orest

Art Director, Graphic Designer
Hello, my name is Sami Orest. I am in the Graphic Design program. Also completing the Marketing Communications, User Experience, and Digital and Social Media Certificates. I enjoy creating different content. Something I would like to expand my skills on through the agency is networking and getting used to the real world. I was born and raised in Milton, Vermont. I enjoy snowboarding, soccer, and literally anything to do with arts and crafts.